Koutarou MIKI

三木 浩太郎


Koutarou MIKI 三木 浩太郎 パートナーKoutarou MIKI 三木 浩太郎 パートナー

Admissions and Memberships
Aichi Bar Association
Japan Patent Attorney Association
Main Areas of Practice
Intellectual property law
Litigation, licenses, opinions concerning technology

Professional BiographyProfessional Biography

Educational Background

Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute
Passed the State Bar Examination
Graduated Chukyo University, School of Law

Graduated Nagoya City Koyo High School

Professional Background

Registration as Patent Attorney
Registration as Attorney-at-Law

Present Positions

2017.02 – present
Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters in Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry of the METI, member
2014.04 – present
Office to support the acquisition and the utilization of intellectual property rights in INPIT, Intellectual Property Expert consultation INPIT
2013.04 – present
Council for Promotion of the “New Aichi Intellectual Property Plan”in Aichi Prefecture, Member
2013.04. – present
Aichi University, Law School, concurrently serving as Instructor
2010.04. – 2013.03.
Aichi University, Law School, Professor
2006 – 2014
Japan Federation of Bar Associations Intellectual Property Center
2003 – 2016
Japan Patent Attorney Association, Training Instructor
2004 – present
Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center, Arbitrator

Scientific and Educational ActivitiesScientific and Educational Activities

Engagement in the reform of intellectual property related laws of Uzbekistan (2008)

Publications Dealing with the Practices of Corporations without Registration and Representation (in Japanese, co-author) , Shin Nihon Hoki Shuppan, 1993
Handbook of Land Lease and House Rent Related Dispute Resolution (in Japanese, co-author) , Shin Nihon Hoki Shuppan, 1994
Practice and Research of Intellectual Property Law (in Japanese, co-author) , Roppo Shinbunsha, 1997
Q&A: The Legal Practice of Trademarks (in Japanese, co-author) , Shin Nihon Hoki Shuppan, 2007